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Tetiana K.

Sent This Email To Me on 7/1/22
Hi Debbie!  

In the past few weeks, I felt an urge to call you but didn't want to take the time of your day for this! That urge didn't go away, so I decided to write a letter to you. 

Every day I talk to my family, my husband, and at work about this wonderful cleaning business owner's world and you mainly! And you should know what an impact you made in my life! My story started 4 years ago. My twins turned 3 years old, and it was time for me to start getting out of the house! That's how cleaning came into my life. I knew right the way I will not be cleaning homes my whole life. But, I knew there was a need and an opportunity for me. So I searched. Quickly I found your youtube videos and watched a couple of introductory lessons. I knew I had to do the program right the way. My husband suggested that I sleep on it, and I did. Then I went through the cash we had the first thing in the morning. I was transferring money from one bank to another to get enough for the down payment. We had so much debt back then that putting all this together was almost impossible. But hey, it's all about how bad you want it! This decision was the best decision of my life! (Do not tell my husband I said it!). It changed everything.  

I watched modules in 10 days and did EVERY SINGLE THING you said. I copied the documents you shared and put my company name on them, started hiring right the way, reached out to people in the community, added some marketing, and so on. I just dived right in it! We started growing. Your knowledge helped me grow from a year to a year in professional and personal ways. Every year I would double company revenue up until this year. I knew doubling last year's $572,164 would be very hard. But there was one goal that was born in 2021: to hit a 1 million run rate by my 30th birthday. My 30th birthday is January 25th, 2023. We ended June month at 71.1k, and we are going strong towards that 83.3k in August-September. This is mind-blowing! When I think about this, I just want to cry! All this success is because of you, your program, and your knowledge. Getting to this point would take me another 10, 15, or maybe 20 years to figure out, so you gave me the biggest gift of all - you saved me all those years! 

I am not the greatest with my words! I've lived in America for 9 years, and only last year did I become a citizen. I was raised not to brag about your successes and achievements. It's a cultural thing for Ukrainians. My language and public speaking fear get in my way a lot. So, I don't jump off Facebook to tell the world about all this. It's very personal for me! Also, raising twins and building a business is challenging enough! I genuinely wish I was out there sharing this story way more, being active on Facebook groups, going live, and giving pieces of advice. I am sorry I am not doing enough in that field. I know this will also come for me when the time is right. But, for now, the most important thing for me is for you to know what an impact you made in my life and how I am forever grateful for you. You made me a better person! There are not enough words to express my gratitude to you. I cannot thank you enough for your role in my life. Thank you for everything you do


Hey CBF Member! Our CBF Discovery calls are informational calls to share details about the CBF Program with cleaning business owners who are not yet CBF Members. If you have any questions about the CBF program or your membership, please reach out to us at 1-833-MOP-FREE or at support@debbiesardone.com so we can give you member-level attention. #cbflife!
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Discover What 9 Other Entrepreneur Families Have To Say About This Information...


Debbie Sardone is a popular consultant, trainer, speaker, author and business owner. She is a recognized leader and business development expert in the residential cleaning industry.

Described as a “serial entrepreneur” she owns several successful businesses, including Buckets & Bows Maid Service, her residential cleaning business, and Speed Cleaning, a manufacturer and distributor of premium green cleaning products and professional- grade cleaning supplies. Both are located in the Dallas, TX area.

Debbie is also the founder of the national nonprofit, Cleaning For A Reason, through which she has helped more than 35,000 women with cancer receive free home cleaning.
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