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  • I've been in business for a while but I feel stuck - stuck with my income, my model, or my time
  • I'm ready to move from doing the work to managing the work and need clarity and structures to support this transition.
  • I'm just getting started and need a proven plan to follow
  • ​I know I have an amazing service, customers rave about me, but I'm not attracting enough customers to keep employees busy.
  • ​I’ve gone through other programs, training or events and I still am not where I want to be.
  • I struggle to charge what I'm worth because everybody seems to be “price shopping” these days
  • ​I'm tired of feeling guilty about working so much and feeling disconnected from my family or friends.
  • I want to work less hours AND make more money NOW.

Instead, Do You Want...?

  • Clarity and focus on exactly what you’re doing and how to grow your business?
  • To wake up every day loving your business, employees, and life?
  • ​To make more money and have more time with your loved ones?
  • To get unstuck from the income roller coaster and serve more people?
  • To package and price your service at top dollar where people say “Yes!” instead of “No, that’s too much!”?
  • To move from high stress and chaos to high profits and pride of ownership?

FIND Out If This Program Is For You!

FIND Out If This Program Is For You!

  • The Right Start - Stop stalling and just START! Shed your limiting beliefs, the number one reason most maid services fail or have low profitability, why 93% of all maid services never gross a million dollars in sales a year.
  • Owner’s Role - how to get out of the field and stay out, how to transition clients who only want you, training your cleaners to “clean like you”, overcoming excessive chaos, the entrepreneurial myth, scaling a profitable business, time management vs overwhelm
  • ​The Profit Model - setting up the best model for profitability and ease of operations from team size, automobiles, uniforms, 1099 vs W2, wage structure
  • Staffing - Pay For Performance, how to find, attract, screen the best staff. How to build a career-cleaner culture, how to reduce and prevent disruptive employee turnover, absenteeism, and drama
  • ​​Staffing & Training - the correct way to train for speed, quality, and consistency. How to duplicate your best staff and maintain quality over time
  • ​Branding - how to build or (re-build) a winning brand, avoid the price wars, the commodity image, and attract the the highest paying clients
  • Marketing - maid service specific strategies for finding top paying, repeat clients, winning back lost clients, standing out in a crowded market, how to forecast growth, understanding and measuring attrition
  • ​Pricing & Bidding - specific tools and tips for pricing jobs accurately, up-selling, winning and closing more bids, move-in/move-out cleans, deep cleans, measuring & pricing dirt
  • ​Sales - how to track and measure everything, close the sale, win the repeat business, price high and still win, sell over the phone, defining service profiles, how to track customer acquisition cost, and measure ROI
  • ​​In-Home Estimates - to do or not to do, the best way to conduct estimates, what to leave behind, customer contracts, company policies, winning, closing more sales

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FIND Out If This Program Is For You!

Debbie Sardone is a popular consultant, trainer, speaker, author and business owner.  She is a recognized leader and business development expert in the residential cleaning industry.

Described as a “serial entrepreneur” she owns several successful businesses, including Buckets & Bows Maid Service, her residential cleaning business, and Speed Cleaning, a manufacturer and distributor of premium green cleaning products and professional- grade cleaning supplies. Both are located in the Dallas, TX area.

Debbie is also the founder of the national nonprofit, Cleaning For A Reason, through which she has helped more than 35,000 women with cancer receive free home cleaning.
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