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Molly Moran

CBF Pro | Certified Tiny Habits Coach | Mop-Free Millionaire


Molly is the owner of green sweep in Albuquerque, NM. She graduated from Vassar College with her undergraduate degree and the University of Virginia with a Masters in Education, spending 10 years in non-profit management prior to starting her cleaning company in 2009. Molly joined CBF in 2018 and quickly implemented all things CBF, turning her business into a highly profitable freedom-based company. green sweep is currently running over 1.3 M in annual sales which Molly credits to having great systems in place and a dedicated team to support the growth. Molly is proud to be a Certified CBF Coach as well as a Certified Tiny Habits Coach. Molly loves getting into the nitty-gritty with a coaching client, troubleshooting issues and helping clients learn, plan, and realize their paths to success. Her special areas of interest lie in stripping away the “extra” to truly focus on what’s important, habit building, increasing productivity, and helping others create a roadmap to the lives they want. Fun Facts about Molly: Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor; Extraordinary Iced Coffee Maker; Collegiate Field Hockey & Lacrosse Player; Mountain Biking Enthusiast


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